UPCOMING EVENTS: The SAASC quiz , 19th January, 17:00 - 20:00 PM

Nearly half a decade old, SAASC is PEC University of Technology's official literary society. With activities as diverse as parliamentary debating, conventional public speaking, creative writing and quizzing - the club has a total strength touching 200 members. Around the site, you shall find updates about the latest in SAASC, information about registering for the upcoming events and in case you're in the mood, a chance to let us know what you think. We hope you have fun looking around.


Crescendo Innuendo

Who has the right to judge? Why have people started to resort to truculent belittling? Is it a voice to safeguard the “devouring” morals and ethics left in our society or is it just a hidden act of one-upmanship?.... read more..

Midnight Fireworks

A grand party, his coming of age, My cute baby brother, his fifth birthday....read more..

I see you

I see you, Lying in front, Flat on your back, Asleep after a long day at work..... read more..


Expressions,thoughts,ideas and creations, All burst forth with a single stroke, Our mind whirls with different colours, And our hand begins to draw what our mind has provoked. . . read more..

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