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A brief summary of my projects with related links.

uCharts - Data Visualization & Charting API

uCharts is a general purpose charting API with prime focus on financial markets and trading interactions. It is built completely using JavaScript and does not require any plugins to be installed. The API renders SVG and is compatible across all browsers and platforms. It has been integrated across the entire product range of uTrade Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
The following 6 types of charts are supported currently:

  1. Line
  2. Area
  3. Bar
  4. CandleStick
  5. OHLC
  6. Pie
uCharts is also completely extensible and the following extensions have been developed:
  1. Technical Indicators for Securities
  2. Free-Form Drawing
  3. Trading From Charts
  4. Integration with Qt
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uTrade Products

Book - Beginner's Guide to KDE Development

I was a part of the 5 member team which created the book "Beginner's Guide to KDE Development". This was done at a book sprint in October, 2011. The book sprint, namely, Google Summer Of Code Documentation Camp was organised by Google at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. In this book we give the basics one needs to be a productive KDE developer. We explain the tools one should install, show how to read the documentation (and write your own, once you've created new functionality) and how to get help in other ways. We introduce the KDE community, which is key to understanding KDE because it is a free, open source project.
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Buy a hard copy (All earnings go to the KDE e.V. non-profit.)

Fermi Software Scripting Engine for Nouveau Open-Source Driver

Nouveau is the open-source driver which runs Nvidia cards on your Linux PC. Fermi architecture based GPUs are one of the latest releases in the Nvidia line of GPUs. The low value of default clock speed on these GPUs make re-clocking an urging task. Fermi GPUs contain a general purpose microcontroller named PDAEMON which can be used to re-clock them. An open-source implementation of PDAEMON was already being worked on. I implemented the PDAEMON to Host communication and a new ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) known as the Fermi Scripting Engine on it. This would make achieving re-clocking easier.
Video of my talk at XDC2012

One Click Search - Chrome Extension

Being an avid internet user, I found myself moving to and fro Google while reading articles. Copying the text, opening a new tab, going to and then finally pasting it in to the search bar. I tried to find a way to simplify it. Note, search google for selected text in context menue was not a feature at this time. So, I move to developing my own solution. Being a gamer, I always used a mouse and found the middle mouse button less than useful. Hence,developed a chrome extension which made it easy to search for terms/words/phrases encountered while surfing on Google.
After the user selects text on a webpage , a click on the middle mouse button will automatically open a new tab and pass that text as a query into Google search.
Download it here
Get the code

Presentation Mode - digiKam

I worked on the initial development phase for the Presentation Mode in the open-source digiKam software. digiKam is a cross-platform photo management software and is a part of the KDE community. The presentation mode is a full-screen workplace which you can use to present photos to yourself or your audience. At first glance it is looking like the current slide show, but then it is much more flexible: At any moment, you can access UI components like the map view, the metadata tab, the image properties tab, to access information, assign metadata, or show your audience the location of the picture on OpenStreetMap.
KDE Wiki - BBM Pin Sharing Web App

In October 2013, Blackberry released its massively popular BBM chatting client on competiting mobile platforms namely, Android and iOS. It became an instant hit and millions of users signed up for access. Facebook and twitter were trending with people sharing their BBM pins and talking about the application. Many of my friends including me also signed up for it. However, I noticed that there was no easy way to communicate your bbm pin without spaming facebook or sending personal messages. So, I got the idea to develop The website asks you to sign up with facebook and upload your bbm pin. After which you get the option to make your pin either public, which is visible to everyone or private, which is visible only to your facebook friends. This way people using bbm can simply sign up anytime and see pins of their friends who are already using BBM. Also, existing users get an email notification every time a new person from their friend list signs up. provides an easy and spam free way to share bbm pins.

Content Management System - Dental Hospital

The Dental Hospital Management System aims at assisting the Dental Hospital staff to manage the records and information of the patients electronically and thus, reducing the manual effort. The complete application is developed using HTML & CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for Front End visual development , Javascript + AJAX for instant retrieval and constraint implementation in forms; PHP for Database linking. This application starts with a web page named “Add Patient” along with the other menu items placed above the form. The various menu items were designed keeping in mind all the processes that may take place within the Dental Hospital and the essential information required to be stored as patient and staff records.
PDF Document
Demo without DB

Websites - Design & Development

I have designed and developed a number of websites in a team and individually: (Some are no longer hosted on their original domain, hence backups are linked)